What is SEO ranking?

Search engine optimisation or SEO ranking is a critical aspect. Every blog owner and webmaster wants his website to rank higher in major search engine results. The website or a blog is optimised in several ways to rank in the search engine. The purpose is to increase the traffic and visitors. Good-quality content is ranked higher in search engines than low-quality content. There are many factors that directly or indirectly impact SEO ranking of a web page.

According to some experts, there are around 100 factors that have an effect on the performance of a website in search results and SEO. Some of these factors are evident and others are vague or hidden.

There are many ways to improve SEO ranking of a website a web page or a blog. Five of them are given here:

1. Relevant content

Needless to say, the content of a website must be relevant. Identify a keyword for each page and insert it throughout the content in proper density. Mostly, a keyword density is 1 to 3 percent. It can vary according to the content, rules and situation. Avoid keyword stuffing that can rank your website lower. It’s used in first and last paragraph and title as well without changing.

Nothing can contribute positively to rank your website higher in search results than quality content.

2. Update regularly

Search engines like those websites that are regularly updated. The quality of content is important, but it should also be updated. Add infographics, videos, blog posts and articles to your website to improve its ranking. It also keeps the visitors coming back to get more content and read something new. Fresh websites attract visitors more than those that are rarely updated.

3. Metadata

While designing a website, each page has a space between the head tags to insert metadata or information about page content. It shows page titles at the top of a browser. There are title metadata, description metadata and keyword metadata. Keyword metadata are the search phrases that people type to find something on your page. Include a variety of common phrases. Avoid making too many phrases in the list. There can be six to eight maximum. Each phrase should have only 1 to 4 words.

4. Relevant links

Create relevant links in the text wherever necessary. Write name of the destination instead of writing common ‘Click here’ phrase. Because, click here has no search engine value beyond the attached link. Keywords improve search engine ranking and also of the page you are linking to.

5. Alt tags

Describe video and visual media with ‘alt’ tags. Or give an alternate text description. They allow search engines to locate your page. It’s important, especially for those who are using text-only browsers.

Apart from the above-mentioned 5 ways, there are some more tricks to improve SEO ranking. With continuous effort and proper implementation of these guidelines, you will surely achieve your ranking goals. Competition is tougher than before. So, you need to be smart

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